THINX Network is a private consultancy, commonly referred to as a Solution Architect Firm. And our abilities have inspired clients and vendors to run through brick walls for us. But our true goal is to help great people with great ideas bring them to fruition. We focus on marketing and research dating back to the late 80s and have worked throughout the United States, as well as Europe and South America. And, we are the perfect bridge between a business growth need and their solution being considered or in progress.

We focus on:

Management and strategy. We have a deep understanding of many markets and bring the best practices from that industry to the organization. If an organization is trying to expand their market, increase their product portfolio, reorganize the company for efficiency and cost-effective reasons, or increase overall sales.

Operations. We analyze and improve the quality and efficiency of your production and/or internal process, with the goal of increasing sales. We help you create and implement a new way of doing business - re-engineering.

THINX Network can almost always benefit the team. We usually work behind the scenes and have enjoyed clientelle from all over the world. From very small start-ups to fortune companies.

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